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No, No, No!

We missed our chance to put our democracy right when Richard Nixon walked free with a presidential pardon. Sure, we elected Jimmy Carter, but that was short-lived with the backstabbing of Carter’s advisors and the conspiracy of the Republicans. What we did not do was march on Gerald Ford’s White House and throw his ass out on the street.

Now, we are faced with a president who flies in the face of the requirements of the office, pardons heinous political crimes, and tries to load the Supreme Court with those who will do his bidding. That is, a bankrupt crook is appointing bankrupt crooks to do his dirty work for him. This is going to wind up ending poorly for the wrong people, but all we can do is hope that it will end—soon. I do not want Trump’s seventh bankruptcy being the bankruptcy of the USA, fiscal or otherwise.

I am not prepared to see democracy, even in the crippled republic we are suffering with now, go down the tubes in my lifetime. The Tree of Democracy and the Constitution are being chopped to smithereens by crooks who are the same crooks who have been in charge for the last thirty years.

New blood, I say. Entirely new blood. Voting for incumbents is a waste of your vote. No to anyone who wants or needs the endorsement of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. No, No, No!

Ah, now I can move on to pulling weeds from the garden, mliswilltravel.


Dare To Be Great

Elizabeth Warren and Susan Collins should leave convention behind and ally themselves as joint candidates for president and vp in 2020. Who gets to be the head of the ticket? Coin toss. That pair could wipe the floor with any of the inhabitants of the current Swamp, and 2020 could forever be known as the Year of the Women. Just sayin.

Feel like having the floor wiped? Hope so, mliswilltravel.


Best reply yet to my “I’m smarter than I look”?

“Thank goodness!”

Mom’s Best Joke

Two old guys were sitting on the porch. One was a talker, the other, not.

Talker said “If I ever get married again, she’s gonna have some…” while rubbing his thumb and forefinger together.

Other guy grunted.

Talker said “If I ever get married again, she’s gonna have some…” while tapping his temple with his finger.

Other guy grunted.

Talker said “If I ever get married again, she’s gonna have some…” while holding his cupped hands in front of his chest.

Other guy said “I can understand why you would want a woman with some money and sense, but arthritis?”

Not Cruel

Nature, not cruel, just implacable:

Simple life

Moon so bright I can
Distinguish colors. You, too?
Beautiful night, yay!

Life’s simple pleasures:

Final answer

My final answer to the question, “What do you want out of life?”

Peace and wonderment, in equal measure, for the rest of my life, thanks.

May peace and wonderment find you, mliswilltravel.