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In defense of the ACLU

I have been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union since the 1990s, and I came to the ACLU because they were defending the KKK and their right to march in public places. My reasoning was that we want such aberrant folks marching in public to remind the rest of us that such fringe groups exist, they live among us, and one way or another, they will be heard. Which would you prefer, KKK and Nazi cells plotting against us free thinkers in secret and springing upon us when we least expect it, or promoting their aberrant views freely in public? I prefer the public airing of any point of view, no matter how repulsive some folks may find these points of view. Just sayin.

I am not in favor of our future being a rehash of the past. I am not in favor of divisive politics, ginned up for the convenience of folks who can make money on such divisions. I want to run all of the current idiots out of office, and elect forward thinking folks who can handle the future for the benefit of all, not just the one percent. I want to run the private health insurers out of business as proper recompense for their decades of hosing rate payers—and reaping huge profits at the expense of policy holders who never get the quality wellness and health care they deserve. Single payer? Of course. Private insurers? They have demonstrated that they have no interest in our health and well-being; their interests center only upon our wallets.

So, let the KKK march, support the ACLU, and keep you and yours safe and loved. Vote against hate and division. Vote for Medicare for all, and don’t let those who will never pay another insurance premium in their lives (Congress) interfere in your right to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Just sayin, mliswilltravel.

Anticipating the Dark

Idaho Eclipse t-shirts:


I was wrong. Again. Tweet doubles down on his ignorance and blowhardiness.

Ike Eisenhower warned us against this downward spiral, but did not live to see Nixon, his least favorite son in law, impeached. If Richard Nixon had died in prison the way he should have, I think we would be in a much different place. Nixon in prison means no rapprochement with China on their terms instead of ours. Jimmy Carter and his stand on human rights would not have been backstabbed by his own advisors, Wall Street, and the big banks. Two terms of Carter would have been fine on Carter’s terms, with the USA actually providing leadership in a strange and growing stranger world, short circuiting Muslim radicalization. Reagan, who could hit his mark and say his lines (barely), likely would not have been elected—and Reagan’s disastrous move toward private contractors taking over the business of the military would not be in place. We would have a larger trained, standing army to facilitate nation building, and fewer overpaid contractors mucking up policy and practice, lo these many years. George HW Bush might not have had to toe the line with Saddam, and his sock puppet son “The W” would not have had a chance. We could have avoided Bill Clinton, too, with tech advances perhaps not ending in a profit-taking bubble. Can you imagine crooks being afraid to ever enter into credit default swaps, simply because they would go to jail in this brave, imagined world. Just sayin. Not too late.

To let Donald Tweet Trump get away with his current idiocy is to further degrade an already degraded republic, and tantamount to letting Richard Nixon get away with it—-again. We need to demonstrate that we have the capacity to learn. Any idiot can double down with other folks’ blood or money, and we have just such an idiot as temporary resident in the White House. We deserve better. Write Paul Ryan at Contact and let him know your wishes.

Peace and integrity, somehow or other, mliswilltravel.


Big News

Donald Trump can be shamed. That is the big news for today. Did not think this was possible.

Making more box turtles among the peanuts:

Homemade wooden buttons:

Whoop tee doo

I keep running into folks who are surprised that I am retired. I tell them that as soon as I find management who can lead by good example and listen, I will work again. I am not looking for such management, but if I ever find folks I want to work with, I will post it here. Simple man; simple aims. In the meantime, enjoying whatever comes to hand including getting sawdust up my nose, piddlin in the garden, and waiting for turtle eggs to hatch. Hoping for a roadtrip north and east this Autumn. That is about it. Simple man; simple plans.

Whoop tee doo, mliswilltravel.

Short shrift

Oooops. Just so the subject of the work is not a detriment to the reputation of Emily Mitchell and her art work, please see below. Humor. Life. I really like it. And these banners are about 6 x 9 feet. Really wonderful feeling.

Deeper into Summer, more shallow in reading

I just don’t settle down and read much anymore. Too much to do [he says, who excels at ignoring housework in favor of piddlin in the yard]. Barbara Kingsolver remains entertaining via Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and I have piles and piles of books—and they remain in piles, including Orwell’s 1984. Like I said, 1984 is just too real these days, and even though I prefer non-fiction, this is not the dystopia I had in mind. Dang.

A visiting artist who works from photos did my portrait, which is something she says is her favorite thing to do. Emily Mitchell is from Austin, is a classroom teacher, has a new happy bubbly baby, and will be with us thru July. If you want to see her work and/or commission a portrait, go to She seemed to find a window into my sadness with her drawing, and I thank her for showing me what others see. At this point, I have given up on being able to change the world except in the case of those things I can put my hands upon. So be it; my sadness is well-earned, I think.

Things on the turtle front look up, with mini turtles sighted and fed. The figs are in, so turtles are being fed figs instead of strawberries, and I need to rework my strawberries (pull the woody ones and let the young ones come along). The sunflowers are taller than anything in my asparagus and perennial bed, which is to be expected, and the understory of peanuts is feeding everything with the nitrogen the legumes are fixing. Too wet for peppers and tomatoes to really prosper, but…..there is a silver lining somewhere, as the bumper crop of toads will provide evenings of song as soon as they find their voices. All ok here, you??

Hope you prosper, mliswilltravel.

Close relative of Jimmy Durante?

Road rocks from points West: