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Final answer

My final answer to the question, “What do you want out of life?”

Peace and wonderment, in equal measure, for the rest of my life, thanks.

May peace and wonderment find you, mliswilltravel.



The one fortune cookie I will believe: “Your lap will soon be covered with crumbs.”


Fulsome–excessive and/or insincere flattery. Even the archaic meaning of “a copious supply” does not fit the context in which various common taters are using this word. Fulsome praise of Donald Trump is common and seems to be required of those who want to last as White House staff. If what you mean is “full disclosure” then say full disclosure, please. Jeez.

Witch Hunt–an outdated recreational activity of the ruling class whereby inconvenient persons were discredited and disposed of. Who is doing more of this, Donald Trump or the mainstream media? Just asking.

Barbara Bush–A practical and dignified lady. I would have preferred her as President over her husband and her son. In spite of her comments concerning Ms. Ferraro, a worthy person and opponent overall.

May your opponents be worthy, and may you meet them with fortitude and integrity, mliswilltravel.

Regarding Facebook

Facebook, much like the NRA, has done nothing for me. Each of these entities have done nothing for me because I have not asked them to. Those who have chosen to associate with either gave up their autonomy and anonymity for the sake of what, I don’t know. Neither provides a service I value, and both are special interests who think that number of members means political hay on the part of Facebook or the NRA.

I don’t see it this way at all. Both have duped the public into thinking that the value of their perceived services outweigh any sacrifice made by members. Laughable. My privacy and my ability to look up folks I want to connect with are in my own hands. My right to keep and bear arms is protected by the 2nd Amendment, not the NRA. Both of these special interests are about as useless as Congress, and whose idea was it that any of these three [Facebook, NRA, Congress] might be useful? Especially in this tech-enabled world? Laughable.

Look up your friends on the open-access neutral Net. Keep your enthusiasm for being able to protect yourself to yourself. And again, 1-800-UGOVERN sounds like a great idea to me, making sure we don’t need to send easily bought representatives to a central location so the lobbyists can feed upon them.

Time for a Constitutional Convention. Time for the Tree of Liberty to be transplanted and fertilized. Time for change. Keeping anything of use to We the People in the hands of the privileged few is maladaptive and dangerous.

Hope your maladaptions are few, mliswilltravel.


Privatization–[Bureaucratic Smokescreen]–The process by which large amounts of public funding is transferred to well-connected and well-staffed (with lobbyists) private interests, all in the name of increasing efficiency. What actually happens is that contractors screw the public without a kiss while drawing huge sums to do what government employees could do for a pittance. For instance, in Iraq, a military truck driver could be had for under $24k a year. A private contract driver started at $80k and went up from there. See what I mean? Government employees work under a certain amount of immunity. Private contractors expect the same. Sweet deal for those who see taxpayers as infinitely milkable cows. See also, Privatizing the Veterans Administration. See also, Ronald Reagan’s continuing legacy of making government more expensive and more profitable for already-rich leeches.

May your privates remain private, and may your government provide for the common defense, mliswilltravel.

Human Resources Dunce

Our Negotiator in Chief is a Dunce. I prescribe remedial kindergarten. Any other ideas??

May peace somehow find its way into your life, mliswilltravel.

A Modest Proposal

We are in a fix. Congress is immobile and the White House does not know which back to stab next. Nice work if you can get it for those with that sort of mentality, but then that presupposes having a mind at all. I go back to my dictum that leading by good example and listening are the two requisites of getting anywhere, but….

My proposal is to arm the students with weapons of their choosing. Since the so-called adults are so easily swayed from proper responses to the needs of our country, at least let the students protect themselves. They know who the threats will come from and will be best able to act when the time comes.

The only possible response to Trump and his Wild Wild West leadership is to get ahead of his curve (hard to imagine), and head off the next insanity that he and his troupe of buffoons propose. Three more years of this? Trump and troupe absconding to desirable property adjacent to Red Square? We shall see.

Hope your weapons of choosing are your wits, but don’t forget a backup plan or two, mliswilltravel.

PS: I received feedback that arming students would be nuts. If, per Johnathan Swift, I had suggested that the dead be eaten in the cafeteria instead of wasted, perhaps my Modest Proposal would have been better understood as satire. Also, as my next Modest Proposal, I suggest that wanna be mass shooters try attacking NRA meetings. Fair fight, anyone? Talk about going out in a blaze of glory!

PPS: I have suggested this elsewhere, but the best thing Congress could do right now is bury Lil Donnie Trump’s desk in legislation that he could sign, or not. His choice. Having a rudderless President is no excuse. Congress should still be doing its sworn duty.