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April 7, 2013

April 05, 2013 was Honors Day at SLIS (also known as the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama), and first the news for the Fantastic Fourth Cohort: Ron Schwertfeger was inducted into Beta Phi Mu, so a shout out to the Fan Fourth, the cohort I started school with in 2008.  Another Distance Ed cohortian (Trickeration Nation–6th cohort, I believe), Brittany Turner, was honored by the College for her research (I missed it), and then she came over to SLIS to be inducted into Beta Phi Mu.  Other BPM news was that Brett Spencer was honored as Librarian of the Year here at U Alabama, AND Dr. Elizabeth Aversa, who is retiring this year, will be honored as National Librarian of the Year by Beta Phi Mu.  Talk about going out on a high note.  I appreciate Dr. Aversa’s leadership and the esprit de corps she built in the department during her tenure as Director.  EA!!!  You go, girl!!

Among the face to face students I know here, Shannon Merrilat won the Research award, and Matt Griffin won the Tech Innovation award.  My classmates Crissie Johnson (Student Paper) and Louise Daileigh (Faculty Scholar) also cleaned up, and I am proud to have sat in the same rooms with both of these ladies (did not get to sit in the same rooms as Shannon and Matt).  Anyway, congratulations to all the folks who deserved and received notice for their hard work here at SLIS, and I was pretty happy to just sit in the back of the room and clap.

On to other things, I have never seen a year where the dogwoods were still in bloom and the pecan trees were already leafing out.  We are awash in fresh green leaves of all sorts, pollen, and warming earth.  Have a good Spring, wherever you are, mliswilltravel.



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  1. It was an amazing day, and such a pleasure to finally meet you in person! 🙂

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