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New job

July 9, 2013

Well, I began my new job yesterday, and please see below the text of a mssg I posted at my alma mater. Education and work experience make a difference, but there are many things to say about entering a totally new environment. My favorite phrase used to be “don’t know nuttin bout nuttin”, and a helpful supervisor modified that to “vast opportunities for professional growth.”

So, I hope we all have vast opportunities for professional growth, mliswilltravel.


I wanted to contact the folks who contributed to my education (via interesting assignments, encouragement, or just tolerance of my humor and whining), and who helped guide my steps while I “danced through flaming hoops” on the way to the MLIS. I was in hopes of being able to do part time and contract work as a way of going through multiple “steep learning curves” and broadening my library horizons quickly, but…

The kind folks at Rowland Medical Library (Jackson, MS) intervened, contacted me about an open position they had, and I signed up. I will have to do extensive training to get up to speed for their requirements, but they were content to invest in me because of my med library background, for which I am very thankful.

I thank you for your guidance, tolerance, and advice during my time as a student, and I hope to be a credit to UA-SLIS. I wish you all the very best in your work, and may you strike an excellent balance between work and play. That is what I hope to do, and again, I appreciate the honest picture of librarianship and the real world that you shared with me. Oh, and some may be interested to know that the first thing I did on the job was read and mark up the existing collection development policy.

Many thanks and all good things, sz

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