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My life and welcome to it

July 25, 2013

About a zillion years ago, I came across an estate sale where they were selling silk ties for $5.00 a pound. Well, I scored big just because I appreciated art when I saw it, gave many ties away to quilters and sewers of all sort, hippies who wore them as belts, etc, and I have maybe 30-40 remaining. I am wearing them now, off and on, and am again able to tie a knot without looking, tho I forget the last time I was at that skill stage. Anyway, just a slice of life, and my ties hang on the back of the door at work, ready to spring into action when appropriate.

Aside from the trappings of what passes for civilization, I try to keep in touch with the natural world, too. The moon is past full now, but I have no below-ground crops I want to plant right now—except maybe beets, and a friend gave me a heads up that this is when beets should go in, even down South. The cicada hatch is beginning to wane here, and the new green lizards are out. Saw one no longer than 1.5 inches yesterday; the spitting image of mom or dad, with the head maybe just a little out of proportion.

Anyway, walking to and from work is going well, and I have only had to deploy the umbrella once. Otherwise, the umbrella is over my shoulder and my canvas go-bag is slung over it, containing lunch, laundry, or somesuch. Carbon footprint down, the need to go to the gym nonexistent, and getting to know the neighbors and neighborhood.

All good here, and hoping the same for you, mliswilltravel.

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