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Autumn and its many faces

September 27, 2013

Have been hearing from folks, some of whom dodged floods, some of whom are seeing new snow on the mountains, some of whom watch the bright leaves brought low by heavy rains. No one in libraries is doing anything in a vacuum, but it seems that Autumn brings on a sense of urgency—trite but true. We are all trying to get our manifestations in a row. And, we are trying to get ready for a regional meeting. Minutiae rule the day, but there is no sense in having a program with errors or that doesn’t look good, now is there?

I am not color- nor design-blind, but perhaps (charitably), neither am I gifted in these areas. “Dense” is actually the word that comes to mind. There are so many among us who can convey not only information clearly on the page, but who can make it look good. I am about as good at design and composition as I am at ironing. Notsohot. But, I am ok at one-liners: Why did the librarian cross the road with the chicken? So the chicken could experience success on the first try. We all have our strengths, and I try to minimize my weaknesses—but I have miles to go in this respect.

Wishing you all a great Autumnal season, and as the leaves fall, I hope you can find a way to put them to use. Get out the comforters, find the missing glove, sow your cover crops, here it comes. As soon as it cools a bit more, I will be baking again and cranking out yeast-raised flapjacks—one of my few but beloved strengths. Strengths to you, mliswilltravel.

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