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Behind and getting behinder

October 3, 2013

I left a medical library in May 2012, went to school a couple of semesters, and then began work in a medical library again in July 2013. Just want to let everyone know how far behind I am. Fourteen months was enough to let the taillights get completely out of sight, and no matter how much I read and how many listservs I monitor, I am not sure I will ever “catch up”…seriously.

Part of it might be that I have lost the fine tuning of being in a hospital every day, listening to staff. Part of it might be that the discussions have moved on, progressed, new buzzwords and concerns have cropped up. Part of it might be that the literature has exploded and I do not have the capacity to absorb it all. Anyway, I have been aware of my general ignorance for quite a while, but once upon a time, I was up on hospital library concerns.

The listservs say that little has changed re cutting budgets, resources, hours, personnel—so that part is a constant these days. The listservs also say that there are folks out there asking the hard questions and delivering the hard answers. I have never been comfortable with consultants (or administrators) being rewarded in proportion to how much they can “save” because these cuts in the case of libraries are fatal to the flow of information to those who need it. Those hard questions and hard answers? I just hope the right people are listening.

Let us listen, together, mliswilltravel.

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