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Changing times

November 4, 2013

Rose today and did not wear my reflective vest on the walk to work. Over the past month or so, have enjoyed the quiet awakening of the early birds on my walk (robins and mockingbirds lead, followed by wrens, followed by towhees—and then the cacophony become uninterpretable), but enjoying not so much marching in the black dark. Soon, I will need the vest on the return trip home—and if I want consistency, I guess I need to move to the equator. The seasons change, whether we are watching or not, and I relish watching the changes.

The seasons change in my refrigerator, too. I have yeast-raised flapjacks and red beans (New Orleans style with sausage, celery, onions, and bell peppers) in my frig now, along with the summer’s crop of hotsauce made from peppers I grew. Flapjacks for breakfast, dotted with butter and circled with honey. Red beans on a bed of rice for lunch, dotted with sausage and circled with hotsauce.

What does this have to do with libraries and librarians? If we don’t pay attention to how things are changing, we become irrelevant and extinct. If we don’t feed ourselves, we weaken and are more easily out-competed. Let us all stay sharp, mliswilltravel.

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