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Faith Renewed

July 24, 2014

Have been meaning to tap a line about an ACRL conference I attended 18July2014. Really quite good. Coloring all my whinging about libraries is my background in a small hospital library. Attending the conference renewed my faith in the abilities of academic libraries to weather the many storms tossed our way, and even to prosper and extend our reach within institutions.

After a facilitator used the word “borgy” to refer to the collective of academic libraries and the many commonalities we have, I used the phrase “resistance is never futile” in terms of turf battles and living to fight another day. We don’t have to win, we just have to not lose. The facilitator turned this to mean that resistance can tell us when to save our energy, not waste our time, and go accomplish something somewhere else (from the library/librarian perspective), and that pretty much wraps up the threat and opportunity argument.

Hope your threats and opportunities are well matched, mliswilltravel.

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