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Ideas are cheap

August 22, 2014

I have lots of ideas, you? World peace, world hunger? Glad we are on the same page. The sweat that puts ideas to work and brings them to life, that is sweat in quantity and quality that is hard to find. It is the nature of the world to avoid sweat, and that has come to be known as civilization. Have I mentioned that civilization is none too civilized?

So, your great idea? I can assure you, you are the one best equipped to bring your great idea to fruition, just the way you envision it. We are all our own separate universes, usually rotating around a central point, unique to the “universee.” No one’s center of rotation exactly matches yours, and vice versa. Ain’t it grand?

So, when I have an idea that I think is worth pursuing, if I can get it done on my own, I do. Sweat accounted for. When I can’t do it on my own, for whatever reason, I give up on the idea that it will wind up exactly as I envision it, because others will be involved.

And this is what rightfully spawns teamwork. Getting others’ input is not an exercise in management, it is a necessity in getting almost anything done. Team building? This is best done all day every day. Listen, respond, respect, adjust. And most often, what exits the multi-input process is better or at least more stable and sustainable than the beginning idea. Division of labor, yay! Just my random thoughts as I continue to read literature that makes me wonder how companies like Honda exist, and yet are seldom replicated. Just sayin.

Another random thought or factoid: The median value of a home in Santa Clara County, CA is $827,400. Let’s see, 10% downpayment of $83k, and a mortgage of $819k = monthly payments of $6263.00 and mortgage insurance payments for 68 months of $341.00 per month on a 20-year mortgage, so a household would need to pull in about $6600.00 per month or $80,000 a year just to make a payment. No food, no transport, no utilities. Lowest price gasoline today (22Aug2014) in Santa Clara is $3.61, and highest is $4.39. Last time I was in that area, folks were paying $2000.00 a month to sleep in somebody’s closet. Ann Arbor median value? $221,100, just for comparison. Just like anything else, scratching the surface sometimes yields information that makes you thankful that you are where you are.

Gold rush to Californy, no thanks. Hope your ideas and your team building are golden, however, mliswilltravel.

“I don’t care that they stole my idea … I care that they don’t have any of their own”

~ Nikola Tesla

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