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Best year yet in 2016

December 30, 2015

I continue to volunteer at my local public library, and continue to be impressed by how many moving parts there are in each and every operation. This is aided by everyone being cross-trained, so no patron goes wanting because one person is out of the system, and it makes each of my visits a learning experience. Yay for that. Yay also for being able to move forward on any ideas I have had (homegrown pumpkin for the Autumn decorations and have gathered acorns from library oaks to raise as eventual fundraising trees so far), and I have no speed and efficiency ideas thus far because things are pretty well-oiled. Yay for ideas and yay for questions being answered about operations that help me learn more (no silos). Yay.

Am also weeding through three years’ worth of sloppy house and garden care at my house. Pruning and tossing. Am seeing table and countertop space I have not seen in a while. I hope to have things organized soon, but am excited by all the spring flower seedlings that are greening my current winter garden. Usual things like lettuce, carrots, onions, too—but the real happy stuff is embodied by the hopeful poppies, cornflowers, and other wildflowers lending their various shades of green to my yard. Am seeing my first greens from bulbs, also, and the early stuff (paperwhites) have already bloomed. Have also seen the first forsythia as well as strawberry blooms—crazy weather.

Just wanted to tap a line to wish everyone the best year yet in 2016. The future is ours, mliswilltravel.

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