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Partial retirement

June 29, 2016

Well, I have given up some of my retirement, if only for the summer. Will be helping out with children’s programming on Tuesdays, and doing the usual stuff (making sure each cherub gets to carry their own books out to the car) on Fridays and Saturdays. Good test run, and I was lazing around way too much when left to myself. Now I will have to structure my time a bit, and likely, will benefit (and not have to go buy pants of a bigger waist size). Just sayin.

I am working with folks who do not make library work resemble pledging a silo sorority, and who are good natured and customer service oriented in general. Yay! I like to think that I fit in. Perhaps I am deluding myself, but there seems to be an appreciation and tolerance of my sense of humor. I can report that about 20 Shumard Oak seedlings from Library acorns went home with Library supporters to provide shade, cool air, and enriched oxygen for neighborhoods in my hometown. Yay again! Can also report that I have about 40 seedlings more, iffen you want any. Will be tending them until the next Friends of the Library event in September, and hope to move them on to permanent homes.

Fond farewell to Pamela Pridgen and Donna Davis, who are retiring after many years of great service to my hometown library. Their planning and hard work made The Library a pillar of this community—come visit and see what I mean.

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