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January 24, 2017

The wrens, towhees, and cardinals vie to be the earliest bird to sing these days. Soon, the cardinals will emerge as the clear winners, but until then….and migrants and their unaccustomed songs are already heard. Spring, I tell you, and tornadoes, with damage only half a mile from me. I hope I have had my storm for my life in Katrina, and I feel for those who were damaged and the families in grief. Tornadoes are the barracudas of weather, striking swiftly and vanishing into nothingness. Evade a hurricane, yes; a tornado, not in this world.

Saw mating wrens the other day, and a hawk mating flight this morning. Spring. Spring. The only thing wrong with Spring is that it is followed by seven months of Summer. Just sayin. The garden was flattened by temps in the teens, which are rare around here, so I am left with onions, garlic, and thankfully, the wildflowers.

Hope your wildflowers are waiting for you, no matter how patient you must be, mliswilltravel.

Finished The Crossing, by Cormac McCarthy. Have not had the temerity to pick up Cities of the Plain yet, but the last paragraph of Crossing gave me some hope. Can only take so much of McCarthy’s unrelenting pounding. Ugh.

“…God could not be spoken for and that men with wicked histories often enjoyed lives of comfort and that they died in peace and were buried with honor. He said that it was a mistake to expect too much of justice in this world. He said that the notion that evil is seldom rewarded was greatly overspoken…” A small town priest trying to comfort a girl who just lost her father and two brothers to government murderers, The Crossing, Cormac McCarthy.

“At last she said that God looked after everything and that one could no more evade his care than evade his judgment. She said that even the wicked could not escape his love.” A girl, comforting an Americano, The Crossing, Cormac McCarthy.

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