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Sun climbs higher

January 30, 2017

What a racket the birds make these days. Telling each other news of the greatest import, and more and more, what is of import is that their conspecifics stay out of “their” territory. Just sayin. Wrens, towhees, and cardinals are definitely defending territory, but the mockingbirds are not yet. Soon, very soon. Japanese Magnolia past full bloom, Forsythia blooming in its many forms, and the earliest Narcissus are scenting the air. Slapped mosquito 20January, I think, so the news from Spring is not all good. Again, just sayin.

Tornado recovery proceeds apace. After Katrina, there was a plague of flat tires regionwide because of all the roofing materials blown about, and I guess this plague is more localized. It seems the storm cut a 25 mile swath about a half mile wide, and not all of that swath was uninhabited. Bless us all. Shelter now, and roofs soon, I hope.

Finally did begin McCarthy’s Cities of the Plain, and am down to the skinny last pages where impending doom hovers over ever word. I know what to expect, I will read to the end, and only take comfort from McCarthy’s idea that we can’t expect much from justice in this world. I can cling to hope that humans can learn not to be so headlong in their use and misuse of other humans, but…. It was my only resolution this year to remain hopeful. Daunting requirement. Evidence mounts against hope daily. Ahhhhhh, the humanity.

Hope your humanity is holding out, mliswilltravel.

“She patted his hand. Gnarled, ropescarred, speckled from the sun and years of it. The ropy veins that bound them to his heart. There was map enough for men to read. There God’s plenty of signs and wonders to make a landscape. To make a world. She rose to go.
Betty, he said.
I’m not what you think I am. I aint nothin. I dont know why you put up with me.
Well, Mr. Parham, I know who you are. And I do know why. You go to sleep now. I’ll see you in the morning.
Yes mam.”

This is the last we hear of Billy Parham, 78 years old and the only survivor of three young men who went to Mexico in the old days between 1940 and 1950. Hardscrabble West Texas and New Mexico cowboys. Cormac McCarthy, Cities of the Plain.

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