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Calmer reading, maybe

February 5, 2017

Recovering from Cormac McCarthy leads me to think of the Jayber Crow character, thanks to Wendell Berry. All of McCarthy’s male characters seems to follow a road of understated self-abnegnation, self-denial, but mainly an inability to steer away from the rocks. Fate as immutable. Setting a mind to follow a path to the darkest and most futile end. Jayber was somewhat the same way, and somewhat like a monk on a quest to explore how much he could deny himself. How and why do authors earn accolades for taking characters and readers on such horrible journeys?? I mean really. Exploring slow-moving trauma not my forte, I rekkin. But I read the books. Go figger. Makes me feel good by comparison? Dunno, but I do know how to have a good time, as long as it does not involve staying up too late. 😉

Have been lightening up with some magazines, including National Review (just to see what the opposition is feeding upon), Harper’s, and Funny Times. Also, The 100 Most Deadly Things on the Planet, and the Dangerous Book for Boys (juvenile literature rescued from the trash in my role as a dumpster anthropologist). Said dumpster anthropology has been paying some benefits, including upgrading my technology and adding to my retirement funding. Just sayin.

Right now, I smell of woodsmoke, having stopped by a gumbo and chili cookoff. I need to go get a squeeze bottle of my hotsauce for some competitors I ran into—not that it would push them over the top, but just to take part. Barbecue and chili contests part of your social milieu?? Cooking as competition is not my idea of fun, but good food is always in order. May we all have all we need of it.

Crickets are singing here, btw; Spring.

The SBA is in town, rendering low interest loans to folks hit by the tornado. I bit on one such loan after Katrina, and then immediately paid it back in full to get out of it. Their necessity of having to co-sign everything after the loan just put too big a delay into the picture that was already super slow motion. Just sayin. I had that luxury.

I hope you have the luxury of doing things on your own peaceful, productive schedule, mliswilltravel.

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