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Settling in

February 14, 2017

As a measure of my settling in to retirement, my time to rise in the morning has gone from 6 to 7 to 8am over the past year. Hope it does not continue to rotate forward through the morning, as 8am is enough of the day gone for my taste. Just sayin. Planting sweet corn and snowpeas already, and the spring flowers are well on their way. Cats sleeping in my container garden efforts have done nothing positive for those experiments, but the peace and comfort of the kitties is more important than my horticultural efforts. Glad I don’t have to live on my produce.

My readings in the 100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet left me puzzled, as humans were not included in the most dangerous. Quite a flaw, and the folks at Scholastic should be ashamed. The Dangerous Book for Boys was a “hail fellow well met” effort by some toffs to recover their youths, and while some good info was contained, even they mentioned how hard it would be to penetrate the online market. The copy I found had some marks of use, but not enough to counter the computer games that suck kids into screens and seldom let them out. Just my view.

I hope your view is lent credence in your circles, mliswilltravel.

In Appreciation of George Orwell

Animal Farm and 1984 were revelations to me way back when, and were perhaps my first exploration of literature that went beyond the obvious “truths” of society, school, and religion. I was thoroughly basted in science fiction between the fifth and eighth grades, and Orwell’s imagined societies drew me in easily. With my own observations of said schools, churches, and society, I was well on my way to developing my own hard core cynicism—and Orwell just gave me a boost.

Now, I find myself returning to Orwell and his filters. I left my last supervisor a copy of Animal Farm as a parting gift, after re-reading it myself. My message to her was that she could learn a lot about management by reading it, she seemed a bit puzzled, and I doubt that she read it. “Some animals are more equal than others” was very relevant in that departed workplace, and I was hopeful that she would get it. Smug inattention is not the way to lead people, nor is making your “equality” equal to a greater sum than others.

And I have picked up 1984 again, since duckspeak is all the rage now, and my laughter ends in tears. More to report as I read, but the dangers of autocracy in a so-called democracy are damaging to every democratic institution. If money is speech, I am a mute, but what money I have will fund the lawyers that make the autocrats’ lives even more miserable than they already are. Of, for, and by the people, even those who don’t vote. America, my home.

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