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Summer advances, my reading flags

June 1, 2017

Back in the arms of The South, sweaty, clinging, suffercating. We still have a breeze, so we are not in full Summer. This is the season where begins the rain envy. These days, one can see thunderheads, see the curtains of rain falling, and envy those under those rains for the good it is doing their gardens. This envy, of course, increases as the season dries and advances. It is so tempting to hear other folks’ thunder, smell their washing rain, and know that the clouds just aren’t coming your way. Ahhhhh. But so nice to be under one of those showers. There are a million drops in the air right now, falling to Earth and mobilizing the nutrients so the plants can use them, dampening the pets among us and making them appreciate their humans even more, and the thunder is making us all go back to our more primitive selves—staying indoors and staying out of the wet.

Finishing up Michael Pollan’s “Cooked” and trying to catch up on my magazines. Harper’s had a great play by play of the Snowden leaks in the May 2017 issue, I bleve, and the Funny Times chugs away on the humor and satire side of things. My reading comes in 15 minute segments as I doze off. Hmmmm. Need to apportion more time during the day, perhaps.

Read well, think well, act well, mliswilltravel.

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