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The democratic manifesto

February 9, 2018

All my life, the United States of America has said one thing, and done another. When Richard Nixon walked free instead of spending the rest of his miserable life in prison, I gave up on the federal government. No faith, no accountability. Now, voters have been driven to elect someone whose only promise was to shake things up. I, for one, do not like how things are being shaken.

Some say we live in a democracy, meaning one person gets one vote. This is a republic, whereby so-called representatives (or dnas, which is short for do-nothing assholes) are elected by The People to act in the best interests of The People. Unfortunately, dnas immediately sell The People and their best interests down the river to the highest bidders, and represent only those highest bidders and flak for only those issues that seem to best assure the continued re-election of the dnas. The People not only go unrepresented, but the dnas only do things to further entrench the highest bidders in their roles as highest bidders, and after a few cycles of this, damn few are benefiting from how the country is run.

This leads me back to the guy who was supposed to shake things up. Donald Trump is one who is able to be the highest bidder in real life, and therefore, not beholden to The People in any way. Shaking things up in favor of fellow highest bidders is what Lil Donnie does, and The People continue to suffer.

Some say we are headed for a Constitutional crisis. I say that this crisis should be met by a Constitutional Convention, whereby The People update our Constitution and throw the dnas out on their do-nothing asses. Reverting to a legitimate democracy is possible (1-800-U-GOVERN), and the technological infrastructure would be cheaper than your average boondoggle. This current bunch of dnas can’t find their do-nothing asses with both hands a flashlight, so we must elect a new batch of true representatives to call a Constitutional Convention. Let’s get busy.

I am tired of being poorly represented, tired of the wrong kind of jackass having their hands on the tiller, and sick and tired of being sick and tired [thank you Fannie Lou Hamer for your place in history and your turn of phrase].

What are the items on your manifesto?? Please advise, mliswilltravel.

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