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Regarding Facebook

April 12, 2018

Facebook, much like the NRA, has done nothing for me. Each of these entities have done nothing for me because I have not asked them to. Those who have chosen to associate with either gave up their autonomy and anonymity for the sake of what, I don’t know. Neither provides a service I value, and both are special interests who think that number of members means political hay on the part of Facebook or the NRA.

I don’t see it this way at all. Both have duped the public into thinking that the value of their perceived services outweigh any sacrifice made by members. Laughable. My privacy and my ability to look up folks I want to connect with are in my own hands. My right to keep and bear arms is protected by the 2nd Amendment, not the NRA. Both of these special interests are about as useless as Congress, and whose idea was it that any of these three [Facebook, NRA, Congress] might be useful? Especially in this tech-enabled world? Laughable.

Look up your friends on the open-access neutral Net. Keep your enthusiasm for being able to protect yourself to yourself. And again, 1-800-UGOVERN sounds like a great idea to me, making sure we don’t need to send easily bought representatives to a central location so the lobbyists can feed upon them.

Time for a Constitutional Convention. Time for the Tree of Liberty to be transplanted and fertilized. Time for change. Keeping anything of use to We the People in the hands of the privileged few is maladaptive and dangerous.

Hope your maladaptions are few, mliswilltravel.

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