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April 20, 2018

Fulsome–excessive and/or insincere flattery. Even the archaic meaning of “a copious supply” does not fit the context in which various common taters are using this word. Fulsome praise of Donald Trump is common and seems to be required of those who want to last as White House staff. If what you mean is “full disclosure” then say full disclosure, please. Jeez.

Witch Hunt–an outdated recreational activity of the ruling class whereby inconvenient persons were discredited and disposed of. Who is doing more of this, Donald Trump or the mainstream media? Just asking.

Barbara Bush–A practical and dignified lady. I would have preferred her as President over her husband and her son. In spite of her comments concerning Ms. Ferraro, a worthy person and opponent overall.

May your opponents be worthy, and may you meet them with fortitude and integrity, mliswilltravel.

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