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Hello, All—

Please see other posts to see how the path has changed.  They say the road goes ever on.  See you there, sometime.

My name is Steve, and over the years I have chosen to complete three Master’s degrees. My experience covers four fields: bakery production and management; natural resources research and management; human performance/health and safety; and librarianship, mostly in medicine. My strengths are in customer service, streamlining processes, troubleshooting human systems, and getting things done on time and under budget. I enjoy the shared experience when folks set out to learn something, and I am allowed to assist.

I am now an unrepentant retiree, with time for my house and garden, travel, and assisting those who may need my help, be it moving households or just changing a light bulb. And cooking, don’t forget cooking.

If, for some strange reason, you would like to speak with me, please see below for a resume and contact information.

Wishing you all good things, mliswilltravel


mliswilltravel at yahoo dot com


The University of Alabama (UA) Tuscaloosa, AL
Master of Library and Information Studies, May 2013

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Hattiesburg, MS
Master of Public Health; Master of Science


Unrepentant retiree, gardener, cook and baker, armchair philosopher, student of the human condition, hack poet, and dumpster anthropologist


The Library of Hattiesburg and Forrest County / Hattiesburg, MS / Part-time

University of Mississippi Medical Center / Jackson, MS / Assistant Professor

  • Acquisitions and Technical Services, beginning 08July 2013

University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL / Graduate Assistant

  • Library instruction and business reference experience via internships
  • LibGuide, Camtasia, podcast creation, and service learning experience
  • Interests include usability assessment and all aspects of customer service
  • Experience providing distance education support using Blackboard system


  • Met medical literature research needs for 350 physicians in a 500-bed hospital
  • Budgeting, planning, purchasing, research, and communications as solo librarian
  • Marketed library services to staff and extended community (16 counties)
  • Brought my technological savvy to bear upon every challenge, and still,
  • I value face-to-face relationships and cultivate them with excellent service


  • Jobsite safety consultant, health and safety instructor, report writer/analyst
  • University public health and English as a Second Language instructor
  • Community development, substance abuse educator as a VISTA volunteer
  • Human performance coach and recruiter
  • Technical writer, editor, field and laboratory technician, wildlife research
  • Natural resources work, including forestry consultation and habitat improvement

Please contact me directly at email link above, or just make a comment.

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